The smile of a child, which is where our foundation is concerned with.

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7759459144 a31651a32c o 150x150 Ons werkChildSmile Foundation focuses on helping children with facial deformity in general and specifically children with clefts. The help of our foundation is given in the form of (financing) operations, care after surgery and assist these children in a longer process. ChildSmile Foundation is also open for initiatives to fund that leads to an improve general wellbeing

of the children in the audience.

Children born with a facial deformity, we help them in touch with specialist doctors.ChildSmile Foundation works with these doctors in the region where it is active (currently focus on South-East Asia), while there is also cooperation with individuals and agencies who can arrange for aftercare. At the moment ChildSmile Foundation is very busy organizing activities at the site. As mentioned above, contact was made with surgeons, anesthetists and other medical specialists.This will form a team to go in some cases medical care. Moreover, at this time all necessary contacts with pediatricians in hospitals, in the first place to go for the registration of children born with a cleft lip and secondly also to the later stages can be guaranteed. In addition, currently available space from which work can be search, is spoken with volunteers and seeks the issue further mapping (by number).