Supporting ChildSmile Foundation means long term support for children who are often tucked away. With your support we will ensure that these children smile again, and for them there will be a chance for a better life.

We need your help on this badly!

Donate money

ChildSmile Foundation works with many volunteers, but unfortunately, our work is not possible without financial support. This support is badly needed to finance operations and longer-term organization of independent medical centers, the organization of operating tables, travel, food and medicines. ChildSmile Foundation is helped and thus vulnerable young children without our help have no chance for a pretty decent life.

The opportunities to help us to get through :

  • giving a donation (you can also click the “donate” button on our website)
  • you can periodically make a deposit and donate it to ChildSmile
  • ChildSmile Foundation is the predicate General Benefit (ANBI) pursuing creating favorable tax paid can be
  • ChildSmile Foundation in your will can also be included
  • Commercially ChildSmile Foundation can also be supportedĀ Volunteers

    ChildSmile course always looking for volunteers. Anyone who somehow wants to contribute to the goal of our foundation we bid welcome. Even when feeding by ChildSmile initiated actions are volunteers. Even in the countries where ChildSmile is active with many volunteers worked, people who unselfishly committed to the smile on the face of a child.

    Precisely because our foundation is largely concerned with medical assistance to children. Volunteers with a medical background are also welcome. Doctors and medical specialists who want to help can be sent by us, nurses other medical professionals we emphatically welcome.


    ChildSmile Foundation has devoted space for sponsors on its website. This space is situated in the lower part of the Web site. Would you like to make your business to our website and thereby promote instantly showing you our foundation a good heart for, please contact us.