Introducing our next child to benefit the operation. His name is Rian C. Escovar, he is 4 years old boy. He was born on April 19,2008. He is the eldest among his one sibling. He lives in a small nepa hut of his Aunt. Meaning his family is living together with the sister of his mother at Purok 2, Bugac District, Mangagoy,Bislig City SDS Philippines. His mother is a single mother who raced him and his little brother. The mother of Rian work as a helper of her sister. She is paid by having her free of their foods and house to stay. The father of Rian sometimes  would sends money once a month worth 1,000.00 pesos in which it is equal to 20 Euro’s a month. Lyn the mother of Rian was very astonished when she was approached by our Child Smile volunteers who were on the look out for a prospect cleft child on that day.. The mother of Rian was shocked was speechless she thought that our teams of volunteers are  kidnappers. Because she didnt expect that the help would knocked on her door!! But then the volunteers explained that they are not a kidnappers and that they are there to offer help for her child then they leave her a contact number if she needs help for her son then she must contact them.. Then  few minutes the mother sent a text messages and said..Please do help my child and me. i dont want him to be bullied again! So then the volunteers right away responded to her message and asked if she is ready to go.. So Tuesday September 9,2012 Rian,Lyn and one of our volunteer went to Davao and  had  x-ray. Got his result today 10/10/12 was found that Rian is very healthy. The surgeon examined him today and tomorrow 11/10/12 will fill up forms and paper works then he will be admitted to the Brokenshire Hospital for  fasting in the evening then on Friday morning 12/10/12 he will be ready for his cleft palate and lip operation..

Rian had his operation Yesterday morning at exactly 6:30AM and finished around 8:00am Philippines time. The operation is very successful. he recovered quickly and now he is back to his home in Bugac District, Mangagoy, Bislig City Philippines. He went home with a smile to the child smile foundation..The mother of Rian is thankful and expressing her gratitude to the Child smile foundation and of course to the child smile donors.

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  1. cor touw says:

    mijn dochter werdt bijna 50 jaar geleden geboren met het zelfde probleem maar dank zij dat ik in nederland woonde werdt het verholpen maar wel met heel veel operaties ik wens rian een hele fijne toekomst

    • admin says:

      Bedankt voor je reactie. Rian is lekker aan het uitrusten en gaat een prima toekomst tegemoet. Het is altijd weer fijn te zien hoe dankbaar mensen kunnen zijn maar meer nog is het fijn om te zien dat een kind zonder deze zorg verder kan leven. Mede dankzij donatie en hulp van onze vrijwilligers is dit mogelijk.

  2. Sita Lalta says:

    Ik ben hartstikke dankbaar dat Childsmile doet wat het doet, nl de kinderen een glimlach bezorgen, die het anders niet konden.
    Ik zeg, ga door met het goede werk.

    • admin says:

      Bedankt voor je reactie. Natuurlijk gaan wij door met ons werk. Het is altijd prettig te zien dat je anderen gelukkig kunt maken; niet voor slechts een kort moment maar voor een heel leven. Ook namens Rian en de vrijwilligers – en natuurlijk de donateurs- bedankt voor je reactie.

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