Donation tax

ChildSmile believes that every child has the right for an opportunity to build a future with the same opportunities as everyone has, including children with clefts. ChildSmile offers children opportunities. The chance to become strong, and the chance to grow up of whom they want to be.

You too can give a child a chance. With a notarized donation you offer up to twice as many children opportunities through the tax.

Support ChildSmile Extra with same contribution

If you fixed your donation revenue to a notarial donation, pay the tax a portion of your donation back (to 52%). So you donate up to twice as much for the same amount. Special tax rules give you the right to tax deduction for your donation. A notarial deed of gift is valid for 5 years.

Your Benefits

  • For the same money you give more
  • Your gift is fully deductible from your taxable income
  • ChildSmile pays no gift tax. Your entire donation will thus benefit to ChildSmile

To make a deed:

  1. Download the proxy
  2. Fill it in and send it along with a copy of a valid ID (and that of your partner, if any) to ChildSmile Goudsesingel 531 (info @, 3032 AND Rotterdam.
  3. At an annual donation of € 150 we pay the full notary fees.
  4. The execution of the deed may by proxy.
  5. You get a copy of your certificate sent.

The proxy home? Or know if you qualify for a notarial donation? Call Johan on 06-18167225Read more about the notarial donation