My name is Jean and I am three years old. I cannot say my own name. It is very hard for me to talk because I was born with a cleft lip and a cleft palate. I also find it very difficult to eat, although I try. I always stay inside our house, because whenever I go outside to play I am bullied and called names by the other children.

Childsmile’s volunteers have told my parents that they want to help us with the finances for my surgery. I would really like that because it means that I can go outside and play with the other kids without being bullied.

Today (October 17th 2012) the people from Childsmile and I went to the hospital in the city. That was quite an experience for me, because I never go outside so everything I saw was new to me. I kept pointing things out to my mum because there was so much to see.

Tomorrow they will get the test results and they will be shown to Dr. Mijares, she is a very nice women and she will do the surgery. She told us that I will need at least three surgeries. I will probably have to go to the pediatrician first because I am underweight (I am three years old and I weigh only 9 kilos). On the picture you can see how we took an x-ray.

We (Childsmile) have received news from Cebu, the Philippines, this Tuesday Jean will go to check everything one last time. If everything turns out all right Jean will be hospitalized right away and she will receive her first surgery on Wednesday 24th October. Help Jean with your donation.